All you need to know about the story of Iki Island in the Ghost of Tsushima – and its Mongol leader


The recent period witnessed the announcement of the game Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, which will present the new island of Iki, and while everyone is waiting for the game’s launch in August on PS4 and PS5, we have obtained the first official details regarding the story, the new island, and the Mongol leader who controls it with an iron fist.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut has got a new trailer detailing the story and new events awaiting players, rumored to offer events lasting 15-20 hours of gameplay.

A statement by Sony and the development team that was published on the PlayStation blog regarding the new expansion stated:

It’s been a year for Sucker Punch (and everyone else), last July we shipped Ghost of Tsushima working from home due to the pandemic, and since then, we’ve been grateful for the positive feedback we’ve received from players around the world. One year later, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is scheduled for release on August 20. And we can’t wait to share new stories about Jin Sakai with all of you!

Mughal leader Ankhsar Khatun

As part of the Director’s Cut edition, you’ll be able to experience a new story centered on Jin and his journey to the perilous island of Iki that includes new locations to discover, first-time characters, tales to complete, and more content.

Jin’s journey begins when he discovers that a mysterious Mongol tribe has been able to impose its control on the island of Iki, led by a shaman called Ankhsar Khatun, the concept of shaman spread among the peoples of North Asia and North America and is a description of special people who have the ability to enter the world of good and evil spirits and influence it directly .

Known to its followers as the Eagle or The Eagle, Ankhsar Khatun, as a khatun (the female counterpart of Khan) and a shaman, is not only a lethal weapon that annihilates nations, but communicates with spirits and poses an outright threat to Jin and his people unlike any he has faced in the past.

How does Jane face this danger?

The only way to counter this threat is by returning Jin to the island of Iki, where he has been in that area on one previous occasion, and as he prepares to face a new enemy about which he knows nothing, he will have to confront old fears, and reveal the painful secrets he has tried so hard to hide. Throughout the past period, while exploring the new island and facing various threats, you will also immerse yourself in the dark past of the Sakai clan that most players are ignorant of.

Iki Island offers a stark contrast to Tsushima Island

When you set foot on Iki Island, you will find a stark contrast in the design of the area compared to the island of Tsushima in the original game. It is a wild and lawless land, ruled by outlaws, mercenaries, bandits and criminals, marred by memories of war and an area completely independent of what happens in Iki Island. rest of Japan.

The samurai have not controlled the island for decades, and despite Jin’s skills, he won’t be able to stand up to the Mongols alone, and he’ll have to work with a group of hateful characters before he can take on The Eagle, but in return the cost of that mission will fail. Exorbitant, if the Eagle and its clan succeed in establishing control over the island and gaining their full support, Tsushima Island and all of Japan will be in great danger.

Get ready to face pirates, smugglers and storm haunted caves

The original game provided a set of exciting stories and adventures based on direct confrontations, sometimes on stealth and stealth, and this excitement will move to Iki Island, where Jin will face pirates, smugglers, monks who have lost their minds and haunted caves in order to save what can be saved.

There will be new legends to learn, different ways to learn and hone your skill, and Jin must use all his skills to defeat this new enemy and put another nail in the coffin of the Mongol forces.

Emotional stories in wartime!

The expansion continues to tell intimate and emotional personal stories just like the original game, and the player will find himself taking on adventures that focus on real people struggling to let go of old grudges and survive in wartime, stories about Jin feeling stuck between maintaining the beliefs he grew up with. On her and defending his homeland, in the simplest sense, you will learn about the consequences of becoming Lord Sakai, and what it means to be a ghost.

Pre-booking and PS4 Upgrade

  • Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut launches on August 20 for $69.99 on PS5 and $59.99 on PS4.
  • You’ll be able to digitally reserve the game on the PlayStation Store or Store Editions from different retailers If you book the Store Edition, you’ll receive a digital soundtrack that includes music from Ghost of Tsushima plus two new songs from Iki Island, and a digital art booklet featuring a selection of artwork From Ghost of Tsushima plus 10 Iki art drawings.
  • Pre-booking the game from the PlayStation Store allows you to download the PS4 version of Ghost of Tsushima right away, so you can start your main game experience early and pick up where you left off when the new version launches in August.
  • If you already own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, you can pre-order the Director’s Cut Edition on PS4 upgrade for $19.99. This upgrade will become available from August 20th.
  • Starting August 20, if you buy Director’s Cut on PS4 you’ll be able to upgrade to the PS5 copy at any time for $9.99.
  • You can also upgrade directly from Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 to Director’s Cut on PS5 for $29.99.

The official presentation of the story of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut


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