Algerian celebrities collect more than 2 billion to revive Corona patients


The fundraising campaign launched by a number of Algerian students and researchers residing abroad continues, and it was adopted by Nojoom andAlgerian celebrities via social networking sites.

The initiative was launched after the health condition of a large number of patients deteriorated Corona VirusThis is due to the inability of hospitals to provide a sufficient number of devices for medical resuscitation.

The campaign was adopted by a number of Algerian influencers and artists in order to reach the largest amount for buy respirators And donate it to patients in Algeria.

For his part, the singer called Solking to stand with this campaign, and posted on his page an appeal to all Algerian celebrities to donate a sum of money to save the lives of pandemic patients.

And with lightning speed, it turned into the largest fundraising campaign in which a number of Algerian stars and celebrities participated, led by the international player Riyad Mahrez And the famous music of Algerian origin is “DJ Snack”, scriptwriter Samir Zayan, actress Souhaila Moallem and well-known influencer Nomidia Lazoul.

The scriptwriter, known as “Mr. Ax”, confirmed that he, like the rest of the personalities who are active on the Instagram site, decided to dedicate his page for the purpose of promoting this humanitarian campaign.

Samir told Sky News Arabia: “I felt a responsibility towards patients who are suffering these days due to lack of oxygen in hospitals, and this is the least duty we do.”

Mister X confirmed that the campaign confirmed to him the extent of his love Algerians To do good and stand by the needy, he added: “This is one of the most important donation campaigns that collected Algerians, it concerns the lives of people who are in need of the most basic right of life.”

In the same context, the Algerian actress, Suhaila Moallem, explained that the role of the actor should not be limited to presenting good works of art, but rather educating people and spreading the spirit of social solidarity.

Suhaila told Sky News Arabia: “The world is going through the most difficult stages of life, and unfortunately people die because they no longer have the ability to breathe.”

The young Algerian actress added: “The artist is above all a human being, and his fame belongs to the people. We always try to be a message of life, love and doing good.”

The Algerian influencer, Nomidia Lazoul, has joined the call fundraisingAnd she said on her Instagram page that she had found a donor who wanted to buy 12 respirators.

In her appeal, Numidia said that the biggest goal is to collect an amount of 200 thousand euros, and pointed to the wide response of the Algerians to this appeal, especially by those residing in Al-Kharj, and the amount in less than two days amounted to more than 100 thousand euros.

Algeria is still living with the shock of the deficit recorded in the number of artificial respirators, after the news of the death of 18 patients in Setif Hospital due to infection spread. Oxygen deficiency.

This prompted the Director General of the University Hospital, Abdel Nour Saadna, in Setif, Noureddine Atwi, to break his silence, noting that what the Setif Hospital experienced was fluctuation in service, which led to Low pressure Regarding the percentage of oxygen that reaches the patients, which led to the registration of some deaths.

The health authorities in Algeria are intensifying their efforts these days to solve this crisis, while hospitals are still recording an increase in the number of deaths in light of the terrible rise in the number of people with the “delta” mutation.


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