Alaba appears for the first time in Real Madrid’s training


Austrian defender David Alaba appeared today, Thursday, on the third day of Real Madrid’s training during the pre-season period, while Luka Jovic trained alone, while Mendy, Mariano and Carvajal participated in training at the facilities of Baldebebas Sports City.

Alaba put himself under the leadership of the team’s coach, Italian Carlo Ancelotti, who trained under him during his technical responsibility for Bayern Munich, one day after he officially presented him as a player in the ranks of the royal, in the first deals of the 2021-2022 season.

Alaba joined the training with his new teammates at the Baldebebas stadium, after signing his 5-year contract and wearing the number 4 shirt left by former captain Sergio Ramos, who recently joined Paris Saint-Germain.

The team, who will play a friendly match against Rangers next Sunday at the Ibrox Stadium, completed a series of possession exercises, pressing, tactical sentences, running and many matches on a small court. The Royal will resume his training at ten in the morning, the club confirmed.


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