Alaba anticipates his arrival at Real Madrid with the “center” controversy


Real Madrid is suffering from a big headache because of the newcomer and the Austrian international player David Alaba, because of the position in which he will play during the new season 2021-2022.

Real Madrid succeeded in obtaining David Alaba’s signature last May on a free deal after the expiration of his contract at Bayern Munich.

According to the Spanish newspaper (Marca), Alaba began to raise controversy before his arrival, as the player joined the club in order to be in the midfield, while Real Madrid wants to rely on him in the heart of the defense to compensate for the expected departure of Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane.

Alaba will play in Real Madrid as needed, but it seems that the heart of the defense is the most lacking with the departure of Ramos and Varane close to leaving, while there is Marcelo and Mendy on the left, and Casemiro in the midfield.

Alaba wants the midfield at Real Madrid

Alaba does not prefer playing in the left region, as he previously stated, despite his participation in 247 matches during his career in this region, compared to 116 matches in defense and 100 matches in the middle.

During the last European Nations Cup, which saw him in the midfield with the Austria national team, Alaba said: “I played for a long time in the left-back position and then in the center of defense before playing in the middle from time to time, my favorite position?, The middle because I can help more, everyone is happy By playing in a free position.

And the French newspaper “Le Parisien” revealed last January that Alaba had set a condition stipulating his presence in the midfield with the club he would sign with when the competition was between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.


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