Al Hilal officially resolves a new deal .. “A woman who shakes the history of the leader”


The Board of Directors of Al Hilal Club, headed by Fahd bin Nafel, continues its intensive work, to prepare the first football team, in the best possible way, before the start of the new sports season 2021-2022.

Al Hilal announced earlier, the signing of Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim, in addition to the young Ayman Al Qadisiyah backer Hamad Al Yami, and the Malian striker Moussa Mariga, from Porto.

A few hours ago, Al Hilal officially signed, with Portuguese Patricia Rodriguez, AlSpecializing in “sports vision”, in a historic deal in Saudi stadiums.

What is “optical vision”?

It is a technique based on improving the ‘kinetic response’ of athletes; In the sense of the speed of response to what the athlete is watching, through certain exercises for vision.

For example, if a penalty kick is awarded to one of Al Hilal goalkeepers, this technique is responsible for helping them determine the strength, speed and direction of the ball.

And Atletico Madrid, Spain, was one of the first clubs to use this technology, as Diego Simeone, coach of the first football team, assigned a special assistant to him for this task only.

This technology has already helped to develop the level of Atletico stars, who have succeeded in 7 years, winning the Spanish League and the European League “twice each”, in addition to qualifying for the Champions League final “twice as well”.

Rodriguez’s comment.

For her part, Rodriguez commented, with exciting words, on her joining the technical staff of Al Hilal Club.

“A new experience in integrating women into Al Hilal Club,” Rodriguez said, pointing out that she will deal with a different culture and customs.

Patricia Rodriguez indicated that she could not take pictures with all the stars of Al Hilal Club; Because of the customs and traditions.


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