Al-Hammad: The big gain.. Stars for the future of Saudi football – Saudi News


Sports analyst and former international player Saud Al-Hammad spoke about Al-Akhdar’s loss against Germany, and said that the confrontation against Germany was not difficult, and the team could have finished the match in its favour, if the players had succeeded in exploiting the opportunities to score.He added: There was a lack of focus in the defense line, and coach Saad Al-Shehri also failed to read the match during its course and address it, but the great gain from this participation is the presence of stars who consider the future of Saudi football in international forums.

He concluded his speech, the early exit does not satisfy everyone, we hoped that the best would happen, especially since the team includes elements who have solutions that can go far in this tournament, but it seems that the technical staff did not succeed in this participation, but I am sure that the Saudi sports managers are able to put Solutions in the future and addressing the errors that occurred and turning them into positives for the benefit of Saudi football.


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