Al-Arian: We aim to break the record and achieve more than 5 Olympic medals in Tokyo


Sherif El-Erian, Secretary of the Olympic Committee, revealed that he expects to win new medals for the Egyptian delegation participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, stressing: “We are setting goals for ourselves regarding the participants in the current Tokyo Olympics.”

Al-Arian said in statements to the “Big House” program on Al-Ahly channel: “We want to break a record in medals and skip the number of 5 medals, which was achieved in more than one previous Olympic Games, but there is nothing guaranteed so far.”

He continued, “It would have been easy had it not been for the suspension of weightlifters for two years and the absence of Muhammad Ihab and Sarah Samir,” adding: “We have the striking power at the end of the Olympics in karate, wrestling and modern pentathlon.”

He continued: “There is Ali El-Sawy and Gianna Farouk in karate, Kishu, Abdel-Latif Manea in wrestling, and Ihab Abdel-Rahman in athletics, and the equestrian mission joined, and we have opportunities and we hope that Tokyo will be “Wash El-Saad” on the Egyptian mission.

And he added: “We refuse to suspend the failures on the Corona hanger, but we suffer from the time difference between Egypt and Japan, and we have good chances for the handball team to reach the quarter-finals or semi-finals, revealing that there is only one case of Corona in the ranks of the Egyptian mission, and he is the coach of the judo team from Georgia and he was isolated. .


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