Al Arabiya: Saudi Arabia denies allegations that an entity in the Kingdom used a program to monitor communications


An official Saudi source said that the allegations that an entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia used a program to follow up communications are baseless, according to urgent news broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV a short time ago.

The source added: The Kingdom’s approach and policy are consistent and does not endorse the methods mentioned by the allegations.

Earlier, the official spokesman for the Hajj Security Forces Command, Brigadier General Sami Al-Shuwairekh, said that 87 violators were arrested for attempting to enter the Grand Mosque and its courtyards, in violation of the organization and instructions of Hajj, which stipulate that they must obtain a permit to enter the holy sites and the central area surrounding the Grand Mosque for the Hajj season this year. The initial legal measures were taken against them, by applying the financial fine prescribed for each of them’s violation, set at an amount of (10,000) riyals.


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