Al Ahmeed is motivated to replace the “Saudi Weights” tomorrow… Al-Dabbagh is preparing for the 100-meter race


          Al-Mutairi and Hammad bid farewell to judo and archery... and Al-Faisal: Participation is a motive for more in the upcoming tournaments            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Saudi weightlifter Mahmoud Al Ahmeed seeks to compensate for the loss of his colleague Siraj Al Saleem and achieve a medal in the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo “2020” by entering the “73” weight competitions in the early hours of tomorrow (Wednesday) where Al Ahmeed will seek to achieve one of the three medals In the Olympics, he faces the most prominent names, especially from the Republic of China.

The Saudi weightlifter continues his training sessions in order to achieve the long-awaited dream of winning an Olympic medal after achieving advanced positions in previous continental championships, except for the regional championships.

Weightlifter Al Ahmeed previously won the gold medal in the Asian Experimental Games in Indonesia “2018” and the third place in the International Solidarity Championship “2020.” He also won the Arab Championship “2015” and the Gulf Championship “2013.”

Weightlifter Al Ahmeed began his early preparation for the Olympics after his colleague Al Salim qualified for the Olympics, where he set up a camp in Jeddah before leaving early to Tokyo and performing regular training there.

Al-Ahmed told Asharq Al-Awsat that there are several prominent names in the world, but in the weight in which I will participate (73), there is a Chinese player who always achieves great numbers, and is considered one of the best players in the world, if not the best at all.

The weightlifters in Asia are the best in the world, especially from China, as the first places are usually won by Asian players, who Al-Ahmed has a lot of contact with in the continental competitions, in which he competes for advanced positions.

The other Saudi weightlifter, Al Saleem, was close to winning the bronze, but one of the decisive attempts was not counted, and despite the team officials’ objection to that, the arbitration committee insisted that this attempt was not valid, and the bronze went to the Kazakh player.

Al Salim came fifth in that competition, but it was the best number for a Saudi weightlifter in the history of weightlifting in an event of this size, which called for the encouragement of the weightlifter Al Salim by the Minister of Sports Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki, the head of the mission, who wished him better luck in the upcoming competitions.

The Minister of Sports and the head of the Saudi Olympic Committee sent a direct message via Twitter to Al Salim, in which he said: “Our hero, Siraj Al Salim, did not fail, I tried and competed strongly in Tokyo 2020. The next is better, hero, God willing.”

Meanwhile, the President of the Federation, Muhammad Al-Harbi, confirmed that Al-Saleem’s high technical performance, determination and determination confirms that he is able to have a stronger presence in the Paris Olympics and strive to win one of the medals. He thanked the Minister of Sports for the constant support and motivation enjoyed by Saudi champions, including weightlifters.

And he indicated that the qualification process for Paris will start from next November, and there is the 22nd Asian Games, which will precede the next Olympic event.

Returning to Al-Ahmed’s speech before entering the Olympics, he indicated that “the honor he received from the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Olympic Committee, represented by the Vice President of the Olympic Committee, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi, had a great and positive impact on himself, after he praised what you provided in The last period, rewarding him for that, and encouraging him to provide the best in the largest international sporting event,” noting that this reception and encouragement brought back a lot of vitality, determination and determination to achieve a new achievement for this dear country in Tokyo.

The Saudis are awaiting positive competition from the players, whose participation is expected in the coming days. The swimmer Youssef Bou Arish will compete in the 100 butterfly race.

Yasmine Al-Dabbagh, the Saudi athlete, will open the women’s participation in the current Olympics, when she runs the 100-meter race next Friday, while on the same day, Tahani Al-Qahtani will participate in the 78-kilogram judo in “elimination rounds”.

Al-Qahtani will face the Israeli player Raz Hirshko in the 32nd round of this tournament, which is witnessing for the first time a Saudi judoka in a competition of this magnitude.

On August 1, Mazen Al Yassin will open his participation in athletics by running the 400-meter race, and the Saudi participation in the Olympics will conclude with the participation of Tariq Hamdi in the Karate game “Kumet + 75” on August 7.

After the Saudis, Saeed Al-Mutairi, the shooting team, and Suleiman Hammad, the judo player, from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports, Chairman of the Saudi Olympic Committee and head of the Saudi delegation in Tokyo, supported the players, explaining through his official account on Twitter: “I hope that Your participation in Tokyo 2020 will be an incentive to provide more in the upcoming tournaments.”

Saeed Al-Mutairi bid farewell to the “Tokyo 2020 Olympics” after the end of the second qualifying day of the skeet shooting competitions, which was held at the Asaka Shooting Range.

Al-Mutairi came in 22nd place in the general standings after collecting 119 points out of 125. According to the game system, the first six places in the general ranking of the competition qualify to the final stage of the game to compete for the three medals.

Kuwaiti shooter Abdullah Al-Rashidi won the bronze medal, while the American Vincent Hancock won the gold medal, and the Danish shooter Jesper Hansen won the silver.

Al-Mutairi finished his first day in the competition with 71 injuries out of 75 available to him, before he succeeded on the second day with 48 injuries, raising his score to 119. But he did not succeed in achieving an advanced position that would help him qualify for the final stage.

In the first round, Al-Mutairi scored 24 out of 25 dishes, which is the same number he achieved in the second round, before the number dropped to 23 in the third round, to achieve the full mark in the fourth round of 25 layers, to return and drop the number to 23 in the fifth and last round .

Sulaiman Hammad, the player of the Saudi judo team, bid farewell to the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020 Olympics”, after losing to his Canadian competitor, Margyledon Arthur, in the 73-kilogram competitions, 1 – 0.

Suleiman Hammad was knocked out by the Canadian eighth ranked player in the world in judo in the 32nd round of the tournament, before the Canadian bid farewell to the Mongolian player Tsindoshir Tsugpatter, who won the bronze medal in the competition.

The judo competition witnessed the presence of Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports and President of the Saudi Olympic Committee, and his deputy, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi, in addition to the presence of the President of the International Judo Federation.

In the initial participation of the Saudi mission, Ali Khadraoui, a table tennis player, bid farewell to the competition after losing his Czech counterpart, Lubimar Jankarek (4-0), in the gym in Shibuya.

While Siraj Al Salim, the weightlifter, bid farewell to the competition after he finished fifth in the game. Al Salim managed to achieve 3 successful attempts in the kidnapping competition; In the first attempt, he weighed 124 kilograms, in the second attempt he weighed 127 kilograms, and in the third attempt he weighed 129 kilograms.

The Saudi Olympic football team joined the list of departures for the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020” after losing its second match in the group stage against Germany by 3-2 and was close to snatching a tie point in the match and keeping its hopes until the last round.

Hussain Ali Reda, the Saudi rowing player, also bid farewell to the competition for the three medals in rowing, but he is still competing to improve the position, as he participates in the CD semi-finals to determine the positions of the players from 13 to 24.


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