Ahmed Saad separated from Alia Al-Basiouni after 10 months of attempts to wreak havoc between them, madam


It seems that attempts to drive a wedge between the singer Ahmed Saad And fashion expert Alia Bassiouni has already succeeded, as a source close to Saad revealed his separation from Alia 10 months after the official engagement was announced, and days before the previously proposed date of the wedding.

Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Saad and Alia Bassiouni – photo from Ahmed Saad’s account on Facebook

The news of Ahmed Saad’s separation from his fiancée, Alia Bassiouni, was announced on the “Program” program.and In Arabic,” the source did not reveal any details about the reasons for the separation, pointing out that Saad only deleted all the photos that they collected, through his account on the Instagram website, and he also unfollowed his fiancée’s account, and returned to publish family photos with his children, which is the same as Saad did previously with the same The fiancée confirmed at the time that he decided to keep his private life away from social networking sites.

Singer Ahmed Saad had previously revealed his willingness to marry for the “fourth time” during the next few days, stressing that he felt joy for the first time, with his fiancée, Alia Bassiouni, and indicated the continued attempts to wreak havoc between him and his fiancée, denying at the time the frequent rumor about their separation.

Ahmed Saad added, during his meeting on the Sabaya Al-Khair program with the media, Reham Saeed, that he is about to marry his fiancée, the fashion expert, Alia Al-Basiouni, stressing: The first time I felt joy.. We are both Leo, very fiery and with the love of her life. This is the first joy in my life.

He said that he and his fiancée collect many details, and their relationship is very strong and carries great understanding.

Saad referred to multiple attempts to wreak havoc between him and his fiancée, the last of which was sending a message to her that included pictures of him from a place to stay up late, claiming that he was cheating on her, but he succeeded in revealing the truth, and confirming that the photo was old and 3 years old.

Saad revealed the reasons for continuing with his fiancée, fashion designer Alia Bassiouni, despite their exposure to many rumors about their recent separation, saying: We will not leave each other because there are many things that bind us. The first time I feel like this, the first time I am with someone who does not do anything, we are for ourselves wbs”

And he continued, saying: What made the relationship strong, my concepts of the six remained developed and mature, when I used to turn to the veiled woman and then to the sweet six, and I never looked at the character by looking at the outside frame, and sometimes veiled women are good and people with her hair are not good.

He added: I see my success in her eyes, she is a Leo and me too, we are very fiery, I love her life and soul, and I like the life in which people are very normal and real and do not represent, an easy life.

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