After the Eid holiday, the Kuwait Stock Exchange concludes with a collective rise of all indicators


finished Kuwait Stock Exchange The transactions of today’s session, Sunday, the beginning of the week’s sessions, after the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday, with a collective increase of all indicators.

وصعد general market index By 0.97%, winning 62.05 points, to close at 6458.68 points, the First Market Index jumped by 1.09%, winning 75.62 points, to close at 7009.67 points, and the Main Market Index increased by 0.60%, winning 32.35 points, to close at 5387.33 points, and the main 50 index rose by 0.90%, gaining 50.38 points, to close at 5653.54 points.
وبلغ Trading volume At the conclusion of trading, about 368.2 million shares, worth 55 million Kuwaiti dinars, were executed through the implementation of 11.8 thousand transactions.

Nine sectors in the Kuwait Stock Exchange rose, led by energy by 2.23%, followed by the consumer goods sector by 1.88%, followed by the consumer services sector by 1.65%, then the banking sector by 1.21%, then the financial services sector by 1.11%, then the real estate sector by 1.01% Then the basic materials sector by 0.65%, then the communications sector by 0.47%, then the industry sector by 0.32%.
3 sectors in Boursa Kuwait declined, led by the technology sector by 2.8%, then the insurance sector by 1.28%, and then the health care sector by 0.89%.

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