After the controversy of her concert in the North Coast, Ruby is preparing for the album “Ala Sahwa”



Singer Ruby has contracted with producer Mohamed Rashidi on a new mini-album entitled “Ala Sahwa”, which is scheduled to be released during the coming period, as the album includes 5 songs.

It cooperates with a number of the most important song makers in the Arab world, including poets Mustafa Hassan and Saber Kamal, composers Bilal Sorour, Muhammad Hamza and Muhammad Yahya, and distributors Ahmed Adel, Amin Nabil, Hani Yaqoub and Ahmed Ibrahim.

Ruby had sparked controversy with her last concert because of the conditions announced by the organizers, including allowing entry to those wearing the “tarpon.” Many wondered what the veiled women’s position on entering the ceremony.

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Ruby responded to all these questions, and said: “Good evening, due to a misunderstanding of the subject. The person who wrote the rolls is not intended to enter only the tarpaulins. It is intended that the entry of veiled women is not prohibited. Tarbon wrote that it means a veil in the English language.”

And she concluded: “It is not possible to prevent any veiled woman from entering, and if that happens, I will not agree or sing, and thank you.”


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