After the abolition of restrictions, Britain records a high number of deaths in Corona


More than a week after lifting restrictions onCoronaDespite the decline in the number of HIV infections in Britain, official government data showed that the country recorded the highest daily death toll since last March.

Official figures revealed that the daily death toll jumped today, Tuesday, to 131, the highest number recorded since last March. Britain also recorded 23,511 new infections with the virus, on the seventh day in which the number of daily infections decreased.

Previous warnings had stated that Britain would witness 100,000 infections per day, starting on July 19, i.e. Liberation Day In which the government lifted all restrictions, including the wearing of a muzzle.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended the general isolation measures in England, and said that Britain must carefully learn how to live with the virus, and that the rapid introduction of vaccines allowed the reopening of activities in the summer.

Corona UK (iStock)

Corona UK (iStock)

Few deaths due to vaccination

The spread of the variable delta has pushed infection rates in the UK to record levels, with hospitalizations at their highest level since late March, although they rose at a slower pace than new infections.

It is reported that the number of deaths due to corona in the United Kingdom was relatively low, thanks to vaccination.

Disengaging the rising cases from severe health symptoms has been one of the government’s justifications for lifting the restrictions, although many scholars and critics say the move was introduced too soon.


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