After reviewing her femininity, Fajr Al-Saeed embarrassed Sumaya Al-Khashab: “Mornash changed the sweetness of your body?”


Monday, 07-26-2021
11:31 AM

The famous Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, launched a sharp attack on the artist, Sumaya Al-Khashab, because of her repeated appearance on the “Snapchat” application, and the review of her femininity, and decided to delete her from her account.
Al-Saeed said in a post on her account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “The coincidence led me to the account of the artist Sumaya al-Khashab on snapshat, and I started following her out of curiosity and her being an important star. I said I get to know the different aspects of her personality away from acting.”
And she added: “I discovered that there was a strong misunderstanding then about the idea of ​​the snap. I imagine that she thinks the snap is a mirror every time she looks at herself in it. I am sweet, my hair is sweet, I know how to do duck boobs or not, no, my love, you understand the topic wrong, Snapchat is a program social_life, in which subscribers review their diaries so that there is social communication.”
And she continued: “It is not reasonable, my love, all the girls. We see Sumaya and Sumaya’s eyes and Sumaya’s eyebrows as they dance, Sumaya’s neck, and she is broken by the rapture, and the beauty and the beauty of Sumaya. A week I follow, I saw nothing but Sumaya’s eyes, Sumaya’s lips and Sumaya’s hair, every day every day.. difficult.”
And yesterday, Sumaya al-Khashab published pictures of her from inside a Dubai hotel while she was lying on the bed and wearing a robe, showing off her femininity, which exposed her to harsh criticism.


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