After reaching the Copa America final, Messi is the best player in Euro 2020!


Do not worry, the title is not wrong, I did not lose sight of the ignorance that Lionel Messi represents the Argentine national team and reached with his country to the 2021 Copa America final and is not participating in the Euro 2020 tournament.

Nevertheless, the meaning is real, Messi is already the best player in the Copa and Euro championships, what he did during the past month exceeded the expectations, not only for scoring goals and creating opportunities, but for his ability to provide defensive capabilities and physical sacrifices that we are not accustomed to from the flea.

Before judging the report and objecting to it, wait with me for a while to see if Messi is really the best player in Euro 2020, and then the matter is open for discussion. Perhaps what is said is an exaggeration and perhaps the truth is, just wait, read and judge, and then discuss!

How do we judge a player that he is the best?

Football is a complex game, and it is never possible to separate one element from the rest and try to realize it individually, away from various factors.

And when we want to compare players to each other, it becomes more difficult. We are talking about a gear that works in a large machine called the team and is affected by technical, physical and even psychological factors, and therefore the judgment is not easy at all as some think, in the end this is not a sport of tennis!

Messi is not different from these people. Judging him should be in the framework of the system or systems in which he played, and perhaps this is what makes him great. The player who has been in different systems under the leadership of coaches with many and sometimes contradictory ideas always stands out as the most important player in the team.

He starred with Pep Guardiola and excelled in scoring in a strong tight system with the best midfield players of this generation, as well as with Luis Enrique in his first season with the best version of Luis Suarez as well as Neymar, then he carried the team in the last Lucho season after the levels of the rest declined, and he appeared Solo champion leading the attack alone with Ernesto Valverde.

And if we moved to Argentina, it happened and there is nothing wrong with it. Tango lived with Messi for different years. His beginnings were with one of the strongest generations of Argentina in recent years. Then Diego Maradona came and tried to succeed as a coach as he did as a player, but his choices proved the opposite. Then the situation improved with the late Alejandro Sabella in 2014 World Cup and continued to improve for two seasons with Tata Martino before falling into the trap of losing the finals.

Even the stage of floundering with Spalletti, Messi was present and capable of Argentina to the World Cup finals in 2018 and helped them overcome the group stage, but the floundering is too big to be saved by one player even if Superman!

Now with Lionel Scaloni, we are talking about a team that is trying to build new young elements in a system that does not rely offensively except on improvisation from Messi, Di Maria or others, and of course Leo has the lion’s share.

Multiple systems and Messi is present, different playing styles, diversity of means of pressure, and the flea is present, either with industry or with goals. He does not tire, does not get bored, and does not feel satisfied. For more than a decade, he has been present and prominent in almost every night, every match, and every date.

Is Messi the best player in Euro 2020?

Messi numbers

This question goes beyond the first question about Messi’s advantage in the Copa America, as he is, of course, the undisputed king of the current version.

Messi is the top scorer with 4 goals and made 5 goals as well, and most importantly, he contributed to 9 goals Argentina scored in the tournament out of 11 goals, and he also has the most shots rate (4.5) on goal (1.8) and the second most opportunity makers (6) after Neymar (9) and only missed two chances to score, both hit the post and move away from the most wasted chances in the tournament, Neymar with 8 chances!

The Flea also has the best rate of successful dribbles per match of 5.5 and most importantly, he is the most successful player in duels with 62 times and outperforms players known for great physical effort such as Casemiro (37 times).

All these numbers clearly confirm his superiority over everyone in Cuba, but what about Euro 2020?

The tournament’s top scorers are Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrick Schick with 5 goals, one goal behind Messi, and Stephen Zubair is the best in scoring 4 against 5 for the flea.

Messi is also the only one in the Copa America and the Euro who scored from direct free kicks, and did it not once but twice, while all players failed to provide that.

The best average shot at Euro 2020 is Olmo 4.2 less than the flea, and on goal Patrick Schick is 1.8 like the Argentine star.

The best in creating opportunities to score is Gareth Bale (5), while Messi (6). The best in the average creation of opportunities per match in Euro 2020 is De Bruyne (3.3), while the Bolga is slightly less by (3.2), knowing that Messi played matches More.

And what about average successful dribbling? Messi outperforms all players by 5.5 in Euro 2020. The best player in the European Championship is Frenkie de Jong, with an average of 4.0 per game.

As for winning the doubles, Messi is still the best in the two tournaments, undisputedly, as Giovanni Di Lorenzo leads only 39 times, while Messi, as we mentioned before, reached 62 times!

The highlight is that Messi is present in all offensive actions – besides excelling in some defensive actions as well – whether in first or second place among all the Copa America and the Euro!

Will Messi achieve the Ballon d’Or in 2021?

Lionel Messi 2019 Ball

The Golden Ball is crowned with no criterion other than voting, and therefore emotion and passions control, but I do not rule out Messi crowning it if he wins the Copa America, especially since his opponent may be Jorginho from Italy and popularity may play a big role in tipping the balance of the Bolga.

But apart from the unfair Golden Ball most of the time, what Messi presents in the Copa America in particular is absolutely unusual, and even the Bolga itself was not so strong in previous versions – perhaps except for the 2016 version – and it seems that he is determined by all means to finally win it and bring the title For Argentina it hasn’t happened in 28 years.

It is certain that Messi deserves fairness and appreciation for what he does in this tournament, whether Argentina achieves or fails to do so, and that the player who goes through periods considered by some to be the worst in his career is still able to surpass two continents in most offensive operations without exception.

Whatever Messi achieved or not achieved, he will remain an immortal name in the history of football, and as Valdano said about him, Maradona is great, but Messi owns Maradona every day and every match!

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