After her husband was imprisoned, the first comment of the artist Hala Sedky – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Actress Hala Sedky praised the integrity of the Egyptian judiciary after her husband was imprisoned for his failure to pay the school fees of their two sons, which amounted to one million and one hundred thousand pounds (70 thousand US dollars).

Hala said, in statements to the “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” website: “I expected that my husband would go out on social media platforms and distort my image, as usual, with every court ruling in my favour, and indeed this is what happened.”

She added that he went out to question the lineage of his two sons, in a miserable attempt to discredit her, stressing that she is able to engage in war and disputes with him, but she is afraid that the problems will return to her two sons negatively.

She stated that he is taking advantage of his lack of residency in Egypt, noting that, therefore, she cannot prosecute him for what he claims.



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