After being exposed to many crises, Reham Saeed retires from the media


The Egyptian presenter, Reham Saeed, announced her retirement from the media as a presenter, and her focus during the next stage in her artistic work as an actress.And she stated in a post on her official account on “Instagram”, this morning, Wednesday, that she had retired from acting before in 2015, to devote herself to media work, but due to several crises, she decided to retire from the media and return again to art.

She added that she made her decision to leave the media and devote herself to art, along the lines of her colleagues Dalia Al-Behairi, Basma, Dina Fawad, Dina El-Sherbiny and others, adding that she was exposed to many problems during her media work at the instigation of competitors because of the high rates of viewing her programs, as she described.She indicated that she was happy with her media work that she used to serve the citizens, and she presented a message and a role and worked in the most difficult time for Egyptian media professionals during the rule of the Brotherhood.

The Egyptian broadcaster had faced many problems recently because of her programs, the last of which was at the end of last year, when she received great anger because of an episode of her program “Sabaya Al-Khair”, which returned after a two-year hiatus, in which she appeared on a topic about “animal hunting”.

During the episode, the announcer beat and tortured a small, shackled fox until his tears fell in front of the cameras, which called on various animal rights associations to object to the episode, while campaigns were launched in which a large number of audiences were affected by the difficult scene, demanding the punishment of Saeed and the suspension of the program.

And soon, “Al-Nahar Channel” published an apology to the fans for the episode and its content, and announced that it had been deleted from all platforms. The channel explained that the aim of the episode was to shed light on the activity of hunting animals in Egypt and exporting them abroad.Three years ago, a ruling was issued against the Egyptian media in the case of inciting the kidnapping of children during the presentation of an episode of her program on the phenomenon, during which the program’s creators agreed with others to kidnap children.

Two years earlier, the Giza Misdemeanor Court sentenced the media to 6 months in prison and fined her 10,000 pounds for accusing her of insulting and slandering what was known in the media in Egypt as “the mall girl,” in her program, and a year in prison for accusing her of assaulting personal life, and a bail of 15,000 pounds.

In 2015, Egyptian activists and media outlets launched a campaign to stop Reham Saeed, because of an episode of her program “Sabaya al-Khair” in which she insulted Syrian refugees when she inappropriately distributed aid to them in one of their camps in Lebanon.

The video and the presenter’s words met with the discontent of many, especially when Reham Saeed spoke in a way that they described as uncivilized and closer to gloating than refugees and citizens of the Arab Spring countries in which the revolutions took place, stressing in her speech that this is the case of all peoples who lose their countries.

It is noteworthy that Reham Saeed participated in several series and works of art before, including the series “Satat Qader”, “Abdulaziz Street”, “Ahl al-Hawa”, “Shakk”, “Ibn Halal”, “Viva Atata”, “Nile Crocodiles” and “Nile Crocodiles”. “Marsa and the Seas”, and the artist Ahmed Badir participated in the play “Morsi Wants a Chair”.


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