Actress Hend Sabry comments on the recent events in Tunisia



Actress Hend Sabry comments on the recent events in Tunisia

Tunisian actress, Hend Sabry

The Tunisian artist, Hend Sabry, commented on the recent events in Tunisia, through a post on her personal Instagram page.

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Hind Sabri posted on her account on “Instagram” a picture of the Tunisian flag, and commented on it, saying: “There is no loyalty except to the homeland, and there is no sovereignty except for the people who want life… and the coming days will prove who truly believes in peace and who wants the good of the country and puts it above interests and alliances.”

And the “hashtag” added: “ If the people ever wanted life, then fate must respond.”

Yesterday, Monday, Tunisian President Kais Saied ordered the suspension of work in central administrations, foreign interests, local groups and public institutions in Tunisia for a period of two days.

This decision comes at a time when Tunisia is witnessing rapid political developments, against the background of a wave of widespread protests throughout the country.

On Sunday evening, the Tunisian President issued decisions relieving Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi from his post, freezing the work of Parliament for a period of 30 days, lifting the immunity of deputies, and assuming the executive authority until the formation of a new government, pointing out that these measures should have been taken months ago, while critics considered these Actions recent moves a coup.

On Sunday, the police clashed in the capital, Tunis and several other cities, with protesters calling for the government to step down and dissolve parliament. In the midst of a rapid outbreak of the Corona virus and a deterioration in the economic and political situation in the country.

Source: RT


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