Acquisitions in the global telecommunications sector .. “Partners Group” buys 75% of “Ayolo”


The Swiss group Partners Group Holding AG has agreed to buy a 75 percent stake in the Italian Internet service provider Aiolo.
According to “Bloomberg” news agency, “Partners Group” is scheduled to buy the shares owned by “Search Light Capital Partners” private investment company, in “Ayolo”, in addition to part of the shares, which belong to another private company owned by Luca Spada, founder of And the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Aiolo”, according to a statement issued yesterday, and Spada will retain a 25 percent stake in the Italian company’s shares.
Headquartered in Busto Arsizio in northern Italy, Iolo is the country’s leading provider of fixed wireless services, with more than 600,000 users, in less densely populated areas.
In the context of acquisitions in the telecommunications sector, the Spanish telecom giant Telefónica SA has agreed to sell a stake in the fiber-optic broadband network in Colombia to the US investment company KKR & Co.
Telefónica will own 40 percent of the new joint venture, which aims to provide high-speed internet services to about 90 cities in Colombia over the next three years, and KKR & Co will own a 60 percent stake, according to the Spanish company. In a statement issued late yesterday, the first, indicating that the financial value of the project amounts to 500 million dollars.
“This agreement with KKR will accelerate the deployment of fiber optics in Colombia, at an unprecedented rate, in a market that has demonstrated huge potential over the past year,” Telefónica’s CEO for Latin America, Alfonso Gomez Palacio, said in the statement. .
This move would contribute to the Colombian government’s goal of providing Internet services to more than 70 percent of households in the country by 2022.
It is noteworthy that the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson revealed yesterday that it had concluded a deal worth 8.3 billion dollars to provide the US “Verizon” with equipment for the fifth generation networks, which is the highest single deal for the company ever.
Ericsson also announced that its net profit for the second quarter of this year jumped 51 percent, but it indicated a sharp deterioration in its sales in China after the Chinese telecom giant “Huawei” was prevented from selling its equipment in Sweden.
“It is prudent to expect a lower share of the Chinese market for networks and digital services due to the previous decision to exclude Chinese vendors from Swedish 5G contracts,” Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm said in a company statement.
And the company’s statement stated, that the group signed in the United States “another five-year contract amounting to $ 8.3 billion with a major customer. This is the largest single deal in Ericsson’s history,” referring to “Verizon.”
“We are gaining a foothold in markets other than China,” Ekholm stressed.
Finnish companies Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia are competing for contracts for 5G networks, while China and the United States are big markets for their equipment.
In June, a Swedish court rejected Huawei’s appeal against its ban in the country on security grounds, as Ericsson was preparing for a Chinese response.
After Britain in the summer of 2020, Sweden became the second country in Europe and the first in the European Union, which explicitly prohibits contracting with the Chinese groups “Huawei” and “ZTI” to build the infrastructure required to operate the fifth generation networks.
Ericsson reported net profit of 3.9 billion kroner ($450 million) for the second quarter of 2021, an increase of 51 percent compared to the same period in 2020, which was seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
But Ericsson’s sales fell 1 percent to 54.9 billion kronor due to the decline in the Chinese market.


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