Absher: A travel permit for the wife is not required on the passport


The Saudi service platform “Absher” revealed that issuing a travel permit on the passport to the wife is not necessary, because the permit is issued to those under 21 years old.

The platform said, through its official account on Twitter, in response to the most frequently asked questions: “It is not required, only the terms of service are issued Travel permit For those under 21 years old.

A beneficiary had asked a question in which he said: “Is it required to issue a travel permit on the passport to the wife through the Absher platform?”

On the other hand, I mentioned Absher platform It is not possible to complete the sale of a car through the platform without transferring its price to the intermediary account “guarantor.” According to the terms of service, the price of the vehicle must be transferred to a “guarantor” to complete the sale electronically.


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