Abdul Karim Hamdan releases his new song | Newspaper


Singer Abdel Karim Hamdan released a new song titled “Malin Aman Al Rijal”, written by Amer Lawand, composed by Ali Hassoun, and directed by Kamal Tro.

Hamdan expressed his happiness after completing the song, hoping that the new look that he showed in the video clip will be admired by the audience.

In exclusive statements, he said: We launched the song “Maln Aman Al Rijal”, and we hope that it will win the approval and admiration of the audience, and I believe that success will be with us, because it is characterized by wonderful production, distinctive lyrics and melodies, in addition to the efforts made in the distribution operations by Esber Haddad, and the mix mastering by Fadi Gigi.
Hamdan revealed that the idea of ​​the song had been with them for 4 years, but it was postponed several times, until he felt that this was the most appropriate time to present it.

He continued: The clip was filmed in Beirut, and it was distinguished by a new style that I hope people will like, as I always strive to present the new away from repetition and imitation.
On the other hand, Hamdan is preparing for several concerts that he will perform about two months from now, as he will perform a concert at the end of next month in Antalya, Turkey, and then head to Canada to perform a series of concerts there.

And about his activity in the current period, he said: By virtue of Corona, countries have not yet opened their borders, and our work, as you know, depends on gatherings, and now restrictions in most countries hinder our work to a large extent.

Hamdan explained that his interest in the last period was focused on his new song, stressing at the same time that he will now focus on producing a winter song as soon as possible.

He concluded his words by emphasizing the importance of social media for the artist, explaining that social media is the basis for every work, and it helps a lot to spread if the song is beautiful and it is carefully worked on.


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