A weak actress who buys fame with her husband’s money


The Egyptian actress attackedMenna Fadali​, Egyptian actressYasmine Sabry​, noting that she is a weak actress and buys fame with her husband’s money, an Egyptian businessmanAhmed Abu Hashima​.
During her solutions, Mina said, as a guest of the Iraqi media,Nizar Al FaresIn the program “with the knight​”, via the Iraqi “Al-Rasheed” channel: “May OmarAnd Yasmine, ah, they appeared before me, but Yasmine has special circumstances. It is possible for her to marry her, and Mai Omar works at her grocer for a while. She works from the series Al Ostoura and withAdel Emamaway fromMohamed Sami​”.
She added, “I see Yasmine Six beautiful, but a weak actress, she is sweet, she needs to work on herself, sweetness is not everything, I saw her in a weak series, but I love her in form, she looks sweet and like the moon, but weak representation.”
And she continued, “It is not a matter of greater fame than its size, now people buy fame, you can now buy followers and likes.”

Menna Fadali wearshijab

Menna Fadali wore the hijab on the air, at the request of Nizar Al-Faris, and said during the interview: “If I wore the hijab, I would not take it off.”
She added that her working conditions prevent her from currently working, but she is not against wearing the hijab.
She also indicated that she is obligated to perform the five daily prayers on time, and perform the Fajr prayer on time.

her real age

Menna Fadali also said during the interview that she is not related yet, and she wants to be associated with a person older than her or of the same age and not younger than her, and she continued: “I wear a ring, but I like to take someone older than me or my age, younger than me. It will be a little difficult, it does not matter much more than me, I was engaged to someone 20 years older than me, and I loved him very much and the age difference did not affect me at all, but he was very good and he loved me very much and I loved him very much and respected him very much. “
She added that the reason for her separation from her fiancé, is his desire to give up art, “He said, “Oh, I am acting.”
Menna also revealed her real age, saying: “The 38 years are concerned.”
On her question about marital rape, Menna said: “I am the first time I hear this term now, but any relationship between a husband and wife cannot remain in public like this, and it remains your (general) for all people.”


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