A study reveals the effectiveness of antibodies to the Chinese “Sinovac” vaccine


Chinese researchers announced these results based on blood samples from healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 59, in a paper published on Sunday, but no comparative studies have yet been conducted.

It was not clear how the deficiency would affect, the researchers said Antibodies on the effectiveness the vaccine Because scientists have not accurately determined the minimum levels of antibodies that any vaccine produces and are sufficient to prevent disease, Reuters reported.

The study also revealed that the recipients of the vaccine in some groups, who received a third dose of “Sinovac“About six months after the second dose, their antibody levels were three to five times greater than 28 days after the third dose compared to levels four weeks after the second dose.”

But the researchers cautioned that the study did not test the effectiveness of the antibodies against more infectious strains of Corona Virus, adding that more research is needed to measure how long the antibodies are effective after receiving a third dose.


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