A strange thing is strange .. a player enters a substitute and scores two deliberate goals in his own goal! (Video)


Hashmin Moussa deliberately scored two goals in his own net, during the match of his team, Inter Ales, against Ashanti Gold, in the Ghanaian Football League, in order to thwart an alleged plot to fix the results of matches.Hashemin did not start the match, but after entering the second half, he scored two goals in his own net before his club lost the match by seven without a response in the last round of the Ghanaian First Division.

The interesting thing is that the Inter Ales coach substituted Hashmin before the end of the match, so as not to add more goals to his own net.After the end of the match, the player admitted that he deliberately scored the two goals in his own net, in order to thwart what he believed to be a pre-arranged result, for betting reasons.

“After the match, my team commended the spoiling of the betting process. I promised the coach that if he allowed me to enter the stadium, I would thwart this plot,” Hashemin said in comments reported by local media.

He continued, “I heard at the hotel that a bet was made for a 5-1 result against my team. I decided to spoil this bet because I do not condone these things.”In an official statement, the Ashanti Gold team denied participating in any betting process on the match, while the Ghana Football Association said it would open an investigation into the matter.

This match was a foregone conclusion for Inter Ales, which was confirmed several rounds before its relegation to the second division.

Source: Russia Today


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