A strange situation that Ahmed Saad is exposed to at a wedding… And the bride shocked him – in pictures


The artist was exposedEgyptيAhmed Saad​ About a strange situation in one of the weddings he held in Egypt, as he was forced to alter a number of his sheep due to the impact of the bride and her continuous crying.
Ahmed published, on his personal page on the social networking site, a set of photos from the ceremony, and attached it to a comment in which he narrated what happened with him: “I was singing at a party, but the wedding was full of tears, and when I started with the song “Every Day” the audience was happy, and then I sang “I love you, my friend.” The audience refused to sing that song, chanting “Matghanish.”I love you my owner“At first, I did not understand the reason, so I did not sing it.. I performed another song, so the bride moved away and left the wedding party again, and I was confused, what should I sing at the party?”
He continued, “The attendees revealed the reason, explaining what is happening that the bride’s father is dead, and that she loved him very much, and her father loved the song “I love you, my friend”, and for him I am the most important singer, and all my songs have memories with her father.”
Ahmed explained: “The bride used to sing to her father, “I love you, my friend.” And if he was alive, he would have been the first person to call me to sing at his daughter’s wedding. That bride taught me the meaning of a girl’s love for her father, and that this love is real, sincere and pure, and that the father was a man. Good and kind, may God have mercy on him.”


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