A statement from Ibrahim’s defense agents.. These are its details


Defense attorneys for Major General Abbas Ibrahim, lawyers Wissam al-Mathbouh, Ahmed Shawqi al-Mustrah and Qassem Karim, issued a statement saying: “On the night of Laila, the so-called Prosecution Office of the Bar Association issued a statement regarding the tragedy of the port explosion, in which the element of surprise is contained in a decision issued by the Discriminatory General Advocate related to With the permission of the prosecution, our client, Major General Abbas Ibrahim…in it is a hint as it came literally (which seems to go in the direction of wresting the authority of the judicial investigator to pursue and disrupting it). Therefore, we put ourselves before the responsibilities entrusted to everyone and to public opinion, and we ask:

– How a leaked decision, which represents a breach of the confidentiality of the investigation and a fundamental violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure

Who is the stakeholder in leaking the content and purpose of the decision?

– And the most important question is what is the capacity of the Public Prosecution Office to adopt the publication of the decision before informing it of those concerned, specifically our client who is outside the country, and whether it plays the role of judge and executioner at the same time.

– And the last question is what is the role of the judicial investigator in allowing a party to the conflict and coordinating with it and appointing himself as an official spokesperson to reveal a secret study without the rest of those involved in the file.

All of these questions confirm the certainty of our legitimate and legal suspicion of the investigation and our client was not informed of it while he is outside the Lebanese territory … despite the fact that what was issuedAbout the Office of the Prosecution in terms of the fact that its content is identical with our legal conviction that we have stated since the beginning of the assignment…. which came in conformity with the decision with the result, which we do not know its merits…. Note that we were prepared for all possibilities of the decision and the resulting procedures of the matter. Which confirms that our client does not go beyond the law or judicial decisions… But what is suspicious is the leakage of the decision and its content by a party to the lawsuit that is keen to maintain the confidentiality of the investigation and procedures…. This confirms our conviction of the pressures that were and are still being exercised on the file and those in charge of it. Which was undoubtedly the target of our client… which bears responsibility for those who carry out such practices of diluting the investigation and preventing the actual perpetrators from being harmed for purposes that have become ambiguous outside the legal frameworks.. As for the campaign of threats and emergency threats as a result of the decision, it is out of the ordinary in terms of respect for the law. and administrative systems that must be adhered to and keen on their application.

He concluded: “Therefore, we assure those prejudiced against the current and subsequent decisions that justice is indivisible between the investigation judiciary and the prosecution judiciary, and it is an integral part in terms of implementing the law and putting things in the right place … and that the voices opposing the decision will only be a populist reaction that does not produce its effects and is not reliable By demanding the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary… and in the end, right is one round, and injustice is a thousand rounds and rounds.


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