A second part of “The Role of Life”?


The Shahid platform was surprised by the great success of the series “Dur Al-Omar” starring Cyrine Abdel Nour and Adel Karam, directed by Saeed Al Marouk and written by Nasser Fakih. The time shown is only two episodes per week, which means that the series will continue to be shown for five weeks.

“Nawaem” learned that the decision to produce a second part depends on negotiations between the writer, the platform, and the production company “Rooftop”, which is adopting its first dramas for this period.

“Dor Al-Omar” raises the issue of some psychological problems that control Shams and Fares, and each tries to drop his contract on the other in an elaborate dramatic manner, which was delivered by director Saeed Al-Marouk’s cameras to a group of exciting stories that confront the lives of a group of people.

In the context, it is reported that Cyrine Abdel Nour is about to sign a new contract for a Ramadan series, but the information did not confirm the compatibility between the production company and Abdel Nour.


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