A record number of views for a behind-the-scenes video of Nawal Al Zoghbi’s dance in less than 24 hours


The Lebanese actress publishedNawal al-zughbyTwo videos showing the scenes of filming the music video for her new song “dance​”, on her own account
On social networking sites.
Nawal appeared dancing during her filming, and attached a comment to a clip of them, words from the song, saying: “And whoever sees us envy us splits and imitates us.”
The two clips impressed the audience, as they garnered in less than 24 hours, more than a million views on her own account.
It is said that “dance” is one of the wordsAhmed Hassan RaoulWalhanAlfred AsaadAnd music distributionRobert Al-Assaad​. As for the video clip, it was filmed under the direction of the Lebanese directorFadi HaddadThe clip exceeded two and a half million views on YouTube.


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