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Washington: A man living in Florida, America, despite being infected with HIV, has a lot to build a physical relationship with with a woman. This man deliberately did not inform any woman of his suffering from AIDS. This way, he continues to infect others with HIV. Now that person had received the punishment for his actions. The District Court sentenced him to two years in prison.

The court accepts serious crimes

According to the Daily Mail report, 27-year-old Gentry Burns, who lives in Florida, even knowing he had HIV, had sex with several women. Deeming it a serious crime, a Florida court sentenced Burns to two years in prison. Burns’ ex-girlfriend was the first to reveal what he did.

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An ex-girlfriend submitted a report

This came to light when an ex-girlfriend of Gentry Burns reported to the police that she had contracted HIV while dating. The victim then attempted to contact other women Gentry Burns had been dating to warn her that Gentry had HIV. When the police investigated after the ex-girlfriend’s complaint, everything came to the fore.

Medical record confirmed

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office filed an indictment in this case after an investigation. Gentry Burns’ ex-girlfriend also told police the names of the women who had infected Burns with HIV. Investigators confirmed through medical records that Burns was found to be HIV positive in January 2013. At the same time, three women came forward and testified that they had engaged in sexual activity with Burns, without knowing that Burns was HIV positive at the time.

) The police have this arrest

According to the report, at least two women who had had an affair with burns were found to be HIV positive. A woman in 2013 contracted HIV after an appointment with Burns in 2013. Police say Gentry Burns traveled to several other cities. Therefore, there is a possibility that he has had relationships with women from other places as well. Let’s tell you that about 1.2 million people in America are infected with HIV, of whom one percent do not know that they have the disease.


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