A partnership between “Esaad” and “Al-Futtaim Healthcare”


Dubai: «The Gulf»

As part of its endeavor, to facilitate the access of Happy Card holders and their families to the necessary health care, at a reduced cost, the Card Committee of the Dubai Police General Command has established a partnership with the Health Hub clinics of the Al-Futtaim Healthcare Group, providing discounts on medical services through Its branches spread in the Emirate of Dubai, and a number of other advantages.

Hana Tayseer, head of the health sector in the committee, said: The discounts we got from Health Hub in Dubai are excellent and exclusive, and they will have a good effect on card holders. Under this partnership, they will receive a 30% discount on the cost of the medical consultation for all specialist doctors and consultants, 30% on all laboratory and radiology services that are not covered by health insurance, and 15% on all cosmetic services and treatment of dermatological diseases that are not covered by the group’s “Luticia Beauty” clinic. and 25% on dental treatment and ophthalmology services.

Dr. Haider Al-Yousef, Group General Manager, said: “We are honored to conclude this agreement with the Esaad Card Committee, as we look forward to providing distinguished healthcare services at affordable prices that suit the needs of all segments of society in the UAE.”


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