A new warning about the dangers of using the Messenger app… and tips to delete it


A new warning about the dangers of using the Messenger app… and tips to delete it

Warnings continue about the danger of the “Messenger” application owned by Facebook, and how the application has not yet provided the basic security conditions for its users.

According to the American magazine Forbes, applications such as “WhatsApp and Signal”, which are applications that provide their users with the feature of end-to-end encryption, meaning that hackers cannot read or see the messages that users send in conversations, while the “Messenger” application can be hacked by hackers and see the content of messages, which is a matter dangerously.

And Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had stated that the application so far does not work with end-to-end encryption and that users will have to wait, perhaps until the end of next year 2022.

And cybersecurity expert Zack Duffman wrote in Forbes that Messenger users should switch their personal conversations to WhatsApp or Signal and not use it.

Zack believes that it is not necessary to encrypt all social media chat platforms, but he said users should have the option to choose end-to-end encrypted services.

And Zach Duffman, an expert in the field of cybersecurity, warned against continuing to use the Facebook Messenger application for messaging, at least during the current year 2020.

Reports stated that users of the Messenger application should consider an alternative to the famous messaging application until next year, and the newspaper attributed this to the fact that the chats sent through the platform are not end-to-end encrypted.


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