A new visual identity awaits this year’s pilgrims


A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Eng. Hisham Saeed, confirmed, on Friday, that the ministry is working during the current period to prepare Accommodation sites for pilgrims in Mina, as part of a “business system based on the new visual identity”.

Hisham Saeed added that four main colors for the organization’s operations and camps will be identified in the holy sites and near the Jamarat facility. as will be Link location coordinates to the guest’s smart cardبطاقة Which, in turn, will be linked to the tabooing schedules for the entire Hajj journey. These procedures aim to organize and develop the experience of the pilgrims and enrich their experience.

In a related context, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah completed the system of transforming the institutions of the owners of the raft into 9 joint stock companies, with the aim of consolidating the institutional work to serve the pilgrims of Rahman in fulfillment of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. This came after the completion of the first and second constituent assemblies of these companies, and voting on the founding clauses that they identified. Ministry.

Hajj pilgrims in Mina last year

Hajj pilgrims in Mina last year

The Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Abdel Fattah bin Suleiman Mashat, confirmed that the ministry has promoted this sector by “transforming these institutions that have a long history of serving the pilgrims into joint stock companies,” with the wide participation of shareholders, and by achieving high percentages of votes amid transparency and equal opportunities.

He emphasized, “The focus is on the experience element in Affairs of serving the guests of RahmanIn addition to specialized expertise that contributes to raising the level of corporate governance.

He added that “the items voted on in the first constituent assemblies included verifying the subscription of all the company’s shares, the fulfillment of the minimum capital, and the amount due from the value of the shares in accordance with the provisions of the system, and approving the final texts of the company’s articles of association, provided that the amendments do not enter into what violates the system of sponsors. Serving pilgrims abroad and the provisions of the Companies Law and the Executive Regulations”, in addition to appointing the first auditor of the company, determining his fees for the first fiscal year, and deliberating the founders’ report on the works and expenses required for the establishment and approval of the company.

Pilgrims in Mecca in 2019

Pilgrims in Mecca in 2019

He pointed out that the second founding assemblies included the appointment of members of the board of directors, consisting of 4 Hajj experts and 4 experts in the disciplines of human resources, legal affairs, strategy and investment.

He noted, “the continuity, permanence and continuity of these entities that have the honor to provide their services to pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom, by transforming the institutions of the owners of the raft into joint stock companies, in addition to achieving raising the quality of the services provided and achieving the best return for these companies.”

He stressed that this transformation “will allow diversification of investment fields and diversify partnerships for the benefit of all shareholders and contributions to these companies, and give them the opportunity to expand their investment activities, through the appointment of administrative competencies and practical experiences that contribute directly to achieving the goals of this institutional transformation, which is an important and major step in the march of The establishment, which indicates the awareness of the shareholders, their positive interaction and their desire to preserve these entities, and to take the regular form that keeps pace with future changes and contributes to achieving the aspirations of the wise leadership and advancing the service of the pilgrims.”


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