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Russian billionaire of Azerbaijani origin, Farhad Akhmetov, joined the global “divorce of the rich” club with Jeff Bezos, Peak Gates and others.

Russian-Azerbaijani billionaire Farhad Akhmetov has agreed to pay around 135 million pounds ($186 million) to reach a divorce agreement with his ex-wife.

A spokesman for Akhmedov said in a statement carried by Bloomberg News Agency today, Friday, that Tatyana Akhmedova accepted a monetary and technical agreement that represents about a third of what was stipulated in a court ruling issued in 2016.

Bloomberg indicated that this deal ends the largest financial dispute before the British courts specialized in divorce cases.

Akhmedov’s spokesman did not respond to Bloomberg’s phone or email requests for comment on the settlement.

The dispute between Akhmetov and his ex-wife over the acquisition of real estate has spread to at least nine jurisdictions since a London judge ruled that Tatiana had received around £450m – representing 41 per cent of the Russian billionaire’s assets.

The most expensive divorce cases in history

Farhad Akhmedov’s divorce is not the first and may not be the last, as Melinda and Gates preceded him in the billionaire’s club, and was preceded by 5 cases in which the divorced wife acquired a huge fortune, but expectations indicate Gates’ divorce. And Melinda will be the most expensive in history.

Bill Gates and Melinda

The divorce of American billionaires Bill Gates and Melinda was not just a passing event, but a milestone in the history of the world’s richest people.

After the divorce, Gates’ fortune will not remain the same, and therefore he will lose the title of the fourth richest man in the world, after his ex-wife Melinda gets part of his fortune.

The question is how the money is separated after divorce, and what are the laws regulating this?

Gates and Melinda’s divorce statement, which was posted on Twitter, did not mention any information about the financial plans, as the cost of Gates’ revolution is about $130.5 billion, according to Bloomberg Index.

At the same time, they announced that they would continue their charitable work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bezos and Mackenzie

The divorce of American billionaires Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott is the highest divorce settlement in history to date, worth $35 billion, received by MacKenzie after the divorce.

This value represented about 4% of Amazon stock when the divorce was arranged in April 2019.

After the divorce, MacKenzie became the third richest woman, and her interest value grew exponentially with Amazon stock growing around 75%.

Bill and Sue Gross

In second place in the divorce settlement came Bill Gross, founder of Pimco and his wife Sue Gross.

Sue filed for divorce in 2016 from her husband, and emerged a year later with a fortune of $1.3 billion.

After the divorce was resolved, Bell lost his place on the Forbes 400 list in 2018 after 14 consecutive years on the list.

Steve and Elaine Win

In third place are the divorce settlements of the wealthy, Steve and Elaine Wynn, founders of the entertainment club giant Wynn Resorts.

Eileen secured Eileen’s divorce agreement, worth $850 million, in 2010.

Eileen’s net worth is now around $2.3 billion.

Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnall

After 26 years of marriage, oil baron Harold in 2015 ended his marriage to Sue Ann, without a prenuptial agreement.

The wife obtained a divorce agreement at the time, which amounted to about $975 million.

Roy E and Patricia Disney

After 52 years of marriage, Roy divorced his wife, Patricia Disney, in 2007, and the wife received a $600 million settlement.

Roy, Walt Disney’s nephew, had a fortune of about $1.3 billion at the time.

He was a former member of the Forbes 400, but lost about half of his fortune in that split, leaving the list in 2008.

A new victim of the divorce of the rich .. Billionaire “Ahmedov” in the trap of Gates and Bezos


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