A new moon appears 370 light years from Earth


Scientists have observed for the first time the phenomenon of the birth of a new moon around a similar planet for Jupiter, In a scene that may provide scientists with insight into the formation of the early planets.

Astronomers at the French University of Grenoble confirmed the detection of a dusty circle surrounding a giant gas block 370 light years from Earth, including the emergence of a new moon.

The young moon formed around a planet called “PDS 70c”, and this planet revolves around a small star “PDS 70”, which is 5.4 million years old, which is three-quarters the mass of the sun, and is still in the process of forming new planets.

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According to scientists, there is enough debris around the small star surrounded by a large mass of gas to produce three moons the same size as the moon orbiting the planet Earth.

According to the British “Daily Mail”, this discovery opens a new window into the secrets of the evolution of the universe, as it is believed that the moons formed around gas giants have greater chances of finding life than planets.

Images revealed by the ALMA observatory in Chile show that the moon’s disk is about 100 million miles in diameter, roughly the distance between the Sun and Earth.

 One of the planets similar to Jupiter

The giant planet (PDS 70c) is twice the size of Jupiter and takes about 227 years to complete its orbit around its host star, forming a halo of dust and debris that provides a great opportunity for the formation of new moons around it.

“The observations from ALMA have been obtained with such remarkable accuracy that we can clearly identify the disk’s association with the planet. We are able to estimate its size for the first time,” said Dr. Benisti.

Dr Shaun Andrews, co-author of the study, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) at the University of Cambridge, said they used emissions from cold dust grains to estimate how much mass is in the disk.


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