A natural summit in Saudi Arabia in the shape of a heart… and a photographer documenting it from the air


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Travel photographer Mishaal Al-Sudairi blends his passion for photography and aviation together, and the result is a group of wonderful aerial photographs of Saudi Arabia, along with a scene that has recently surprised social media users.

Al-Sudairy, who holds a private pilot’s license, was flying his plane in the Auda Sudair area in the Al-Majma’ah Governorate in the Riyadh region when he came across a scene that caught his attention, which is a natural heart-shaped peak.

A photographer documents a natural heart-shaped summit from the air in Saudi Arabia... Can you see it?
This photo was taken in the Ouda Sudair region of Saudi Arabia.
Credit: Mishaal AL-Sudairy

Al-Sudairy said in an interview with CNN in Arabic: “I was not only struck by the accuracy of the heart’s shape, but also embodied it in several layers.”

The photographer believes that this “strange natural phenomenon”, as he puts it, may be the result of ancient water deposition.

A photographer documents a natural heart-shaped summit from the air in Saudi Arabia.. Can you see it?
The photographer was aboard a Cessna Skycatcher 162.Credit: Mishaal AL-Sudairy

The photographer saw this figure by chance in mid-June of 2021, then returned with his plane to take a special trip in the area about a week later to confirm what he saw, and document it from different angles.

Al-Sudairy was on board a Cessna Skycatcher 162 aircraft, which allowed him to shoot thanks to its high wing.

Al-Sudairy’s photos caught the attention of Twitter users, and the photographer stated that many people asked him to know the location of this summit.

In addition, the Minister of Culture and Governor of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate in Saudi Arabia, Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, participated in one of the photos that Al-Sudairy documented for the summit on his official account on the “Instagram” website.

User reviews praised the beauty of the photo.

Al-Sudairi became interested in photography because of his desire to document the many trips he took around the world.

When flying in the skies of the Kingdom, the photographer is interested in documenting the various villages, heritage areas, weather conditions, such as rainfall, in addition to the country’s topography.


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