A message of loyalty and appreciation from a pilot candidate to his teacher after 18 years – UAE – Education


The teacher, Mona Saqr Al-Matrooshi, did not expect that she would receive a message of gratitude and appreciation from one of her students after 18 years, while browsing “Instagram”, in which he expresses his thanks for the sacrifices she has made and which teachers offer to graduate distinguished generations.

The student who was in study and science is now a pilot candidate and is on the cusp of graduating from university.

The story of the message began when the candidate, Pilot Hamdan Muhammad Al Ali, was browsing the social networking site “Instagram”, where he saw the name of his teacher, Mona Al Matrooshi, in the account of the Ajman Association for Social and Cultural Development, where the latter works today as the Director General of the Ajman Association for Social and Cultural Development, and immediately came to his mind His teacher, who taught him Arabic at Sharjah Model School, was like their mother, treating them in a wonderful human way that made him love school and science.

Hamdan did not delay in writing a letter to the teacher, Mona Al-Matrooshi, in which he said: Are you my teacher 18 years ago, or is it just the similarity of names? Then the reply came to him: Yes, I am my dear son. I remember you when you were a good student of my disciples.

Hamdan wrote to his teacher expressions of appreciation and gratitude for her great role in instilling beautiful values, love of science and ambition, her method of teaching him, and her constant communication with his mother and parents of students to encourage them to excel in their studies and return the favor to the dear homeland.

The teacher, Mona Al-Matrooshi, expressed her happiness with the words of the letter, as she said: The beautiful words from my son Hamdan made me happy and brought me back to beautiful memories 18 years ago.

I used to work as a teacher in the Sharjah Educational District and I am always happy for my students to communicate with me and I remind them one by one because I considered them my children, and the message carries the meanings of loyalty to the teacher and the most beautiful gift that reaches the teacher is the word “thank you” from his students, making him proud of what he gave to the sons of the dear country, and she expressed her pride and pride that she She worked as a teacher for 23 years, then retired and continues her career in community service through the Ajman Social and Cultural Development Association.



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