A judicial workshop to facilitate workers’ access to justice – localities – accidents and cases


The Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy organized a workshop on the rules of evidence in labor disputes in light of the developments of Evidence Law No. 27 of 2020, with the participation of 42 judges of the Court of Cassation and the Judicial Inspection Department of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, the judges of the Labor Court and civil departments that hear related disputes.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department clarified that the training workshops offered by the Academy to the labor court judges are part of the integrated training program with the aim of improving the performance of the labor judiciary, and contributing to achieving economic, social and security stability in society, thus strengthening the competitive position of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi globally.

for its part; The Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy confirmed that the workshop aims to unify the judicial jurisprudence regarding the interpretation of the provisions of Evidence Law No. 27 of 2020, and to facilitate the application of its provisions in the correct manner in order to achieve stability of judicial practice, by enriching judicial legal thought among judges in the competent departments, noting that the workshop included Discussing a hypothetical case that was presented and analyzed by the participants with the aim of developing common principles in dealing with the rules of evidence in light of the legislative developments contained in Law No. 27 of 2020.

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