A final ruling brings the curtain down on the case of Mona Al-Saber and her daughter, Hala Al-Turk


A final ruling brings the curtain down on the case of Mona Al-Saber and her daughter, Hala Al-Turk

p>Mona Al-Saber announced that the court ruling stipulated “returning an amount of money that she had borrowed from her daughter.”
Al-Saber published a video clip on her account on the “Instagram” website, which includes words of thanks and praise for those who stood by her.

Al-Saber wrote, “Thank you from the heart 💗..life is a trial, and situations reveal to us who they are and what are the intentions of some people…. I thank you, God, I love you, God, because you are always with me and mock me all that serves divine justice above all. Thank you, God, I thank you very much, the Bahraini judiciary Honest and fair, looking into my case, taking into account my circumstances, and that I am a foster mother of my son Abdullah“.

And Mona Al-Saber continued, “I thank the lawyer: sheikha salwa The The Caliph for her support, generosity, good manners, and noble stances. I thank all the workers, led by Professor Brother Counselor (Saeed Hammam), who has always been with me since the beginning and has been supportive of me, and Professor (Mohamed Talaat) who worked hard with me and all the workers and all her staff, for years they worked hard with me a lot. I am grateful to you”.

Mona Al-Saber added, “I especially mention the advisor @ ruba.alkhaled Which was and still supports and supports every person who was exposed to such situations. I was like a sister and a friend 😋 and her position is not very balanced on a personal level, and I thank the montage team for the wonderful gift. I am grateful to you from the heart and for your presence and support for me and to the dear friend in the heart (Umniah) @oumnia_monaasabir_fans The one who was with me from the beginning was the top of taste and sister (Dalal) and to the one dear to the heart @amal_tampa Grateful to you ❤️ and to all the fans mona_saber I love you 💗”.

And Mona Al-Saber continued in her letters of thanks, “and to all the lovers and supporters of the truth and those who are not satisfied with injustice, and to all pages, and to the dear brother in my heart @rabihhenedi He had noble attitudes, and to his owner, which was like a sister @enasyacoub5 Grateful to you, and to the unknown person I love you 💗 @ emaan_1966 , واختي @sehamalenezi_ I ransom you 💗 and to all the media and pages that participated in spreading this issue, I am grateful to you, the friend with a white face and heart Replying to @Atlanta_Shutterstock I am grateful to you 🤍, Zainab, a friend of work and a long path, Fdij 💕, I am grateful to all of you, I love you….. mona_saber“.

An official statement was also published by the legal advisor, Ruba Al-Khaled, who took up her case, announcing the issuance of a final ruling in her case.

Ruba Al-Khaled’s statement confirmed that the ruling came in favor of Mona Al-Saber, not to imprison her permanently and to replace the sentence of imprisonment with a year with manual work, due to the failure of Al-Saber to collect the amount under litigation. She thanked the Bahraini judiciary, which did justice to her in consideration of her circumstances and that she is a foster mother for her child “Abdullah”.

The curtain ends on the judicial dispute between Hala Al-Turk and her mother:

It is noteworthy that the Bahraini court had issued a ruling, in March, convicting Mona Al-Saber of one year in prison with the amount in dispute effective, and gave her a month to collect the necessary amount and pay it to her daughter, before extending the time limit again.

The legal fight between Hala Al-Turk and her mother, Mona Al-Saber, dates back to December 2020, when she said: Mona Al-Saber The mother of the Bahraini singer Hala Al Turk That her daughter filed a lawsuit against her, which did not reveal the details of that lawsuit.

She added that Hala did not do this on her own, saying: “It is not in her hands, and because it is around her and the atmosphere in general, and there is no girl who is satisfied that she files a case against her mother.” And Al-Saber continued: “I hope the audience will not judge a solution, because no one knows how the circumstances that solved it lived through.”

AndCrisis over Mona Al-Saber Surprisingly, after she announced through her account on the Instagram application that the court agreed to replace the prison sentence by paying the required amount, after he submitted a request to the court to replace the prison year in exchange for paying 20,000 dinars to her daughter, Hala Al-Turk, within a month, starting from 19 last April.

Mona Al-Saber confirmed her surprise at the position of Hala Al-Turk, her daughter, and her acceptance of testimony against her in court, even if she was pressured, saying: “I only say God suffices me and He is the best agent in them.”


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