A document promising Iraqis bliss.. Raghad Saddam Hussein comments


“I did not issue it and I have nothing to do with it.” With these words, she denied Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, a document attributed to her, which included promises to the Iraqi people.

And she published this denial through her official account on “Twitter” and the only one for her on social media.

In the details, the document pointed out that Raghad Saddam Hussein will work to distribute the oil wealth to the citizens in the country, and will give unemployed citizens and self-employed people salaries of one million Iraqi dinars.

America Iran and Israel

The document also included allegations about the consolidation of Iraqi-American and Iraqi-Israeli relations, opening the borders with the Gulf, distributing lands to Iraqis, reducing taxes, and imposing the death penalty for every corrupt, bribe or spy Iraqi without exception for anyone.

In addition, the document included a promise to close the Iraqi-Iranian border, prevent travel back and forth to it, and prevent health, food and military trade.

It is noteworthy that Raghad Saddam Hussein had a previous position that she had stated in an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya in the past months, where she considered that “the Iranians have profaned Iraq… and have become degrading wherever they want.”

It is reported that a source close to Raghad Saddam Hussein Last February, he denied his intention or announcing that he would run for the Iraqi prime ministerial elections, according to his statements to the Jordanian Ammon News Agency. He said, “The news is pure rumor and a lie, as the daughter of former President Saddam Hussein never declared this and strongly denies it.”


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