A doctor reveals the secrets of what happened with Yasmine Abdel Aziz in the operating room


Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University, Maher Omran, revealed through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, the secrets of Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s recent health crisis. That there are doctors who are addicted to media appearances, and they have thousands of followers, and although they are in specialties completely far from obstetrics and gynecology, and even surgical specialties in general, they unfortunately gave their opinion with excessive stupidity from which the media gathered their information, and most likely they were the ones who initiated the contact With the media, and of course, after the facts began to unfold, everyone who issued a fatwa on his private page rushed to delete his falsehoods.

He added: “Everyone from the doctors knows that the surgical history of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, includes absolute contraindications to the use of the surgical endoscope, and indeed the operation was an open surgery, conducted by the surgical team consisting of her private doctor since her first pregnancy, a professor of generations and great stature in the field of pathology surgery. Obstetrics and Gynecology, in addition to a famous and distinguished professor of plastic surgery in his field.And he added, “A large cyst was removed from each of the ovaries, each of which contained at least half a liter of thick blood, which had accumulated over years due to endometriosis, and everyone who works in the field of gynecology can imagine the extent of the complications. In the event of repeated surgical intervention, especially with this dreaded disease, whose surgeries are sometimes more difficult than surgeries for malignant tumors, especially when surgical intervention is repeated, and this was not the first time in dealing with this disease.”

Maher Omran explained that the professor of plastic surgery, after he opened Yasmine’s abdomen and removed the ovarian cysts, closed the wound in accordance with the effects of previous operations on the abdominal wall, and the surgery ended safely and the patient was placed in the recovery department, and after she regained consciousness, she was transferred to one of the hospital rooms.He pointed out that Abdul Aziz suffered from flatulence in the abdomen, and an expansion in the colon was diagnosed as a blockage in the colon, or what is known as Ogilvie Syndromr ie Acute Pseudo Colonic Obstruction, stressing that the intestine is healthy, and this is confirmed by the CT scan of the intestine, which was conducted when it was dilated The large intestine is completed and this diagnosis is rare.

He added, “Before Yasmine’s condition worsened, she was admitted again for exploration, and she was treated surgically efficiently, and she remained in the intensive care room under the influence of sedatives and pain relievers, as is the case after major operations, and the patient never entered the alleged coma.”

Maher Omran concluded his speech by explaining: “The patient was transferred to her room for normal observation, her condition stabilized, and it was decided to prevent the visit until she is allowed,” and directed “a salute to the members of the medical team for their superb professional and professional treatment, and their abilities to overcome the horrors of this critical and critical surgery and its aftermath and their patience.” and scourged them.”


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