A bride collapses in tears and leaves her party because of an Egyptian artist


Posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 07:27 PM

Al-Madina News: An Egyptian bride fell into a fit of tears during her wedding because of the song “I Love You, My Sahbi” by Egyptian artist Ahmed Saad.
Saad said, via the “Instagram” application: “I was singing at a party, but the wedding was full of tears, and when I started with the song “Everyday,” the audience was happy, and then I sang “I love you, my friend.” The audience refused to sing that song, chanting “Magnesh I love you.” My friend.” At first, I did not understand why, so I did not sing it.

He explained, “I performed another song, so the bride moved away and left the wedding party again, and I was confused, what should I sing at the party?”

He pointed out: “The attendees revealed the reason, explaining what is happening that the bride’s father is dead, and that she loved him very much, and her father loved the song “I love you, my friend”, and I am for him the most important singer, and all my songs have memories with her father.”
He continued, “The bride was singing to her father, “I love you, my friend.”


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