9 important measures to protect against diseases while traveling


Prof. Tomas Jelinek stressed the need to take some important measures to protect against disease during travel; In addition to receiving the vaccination against the emerging “Covid 19” virus, you should also receive the vaccination against hepatitis A, which is transmitted mainly through contaminated food and water.

It should also be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis, noting that ticks spread during the summer in green spaces such as gardens and parks.

Mosquito protection:

The German travel medicine specialist added that mosquitoes should also be protected; As it transmits diseases such as dengue fever and malaria.

For this purpose, a mosquito repellent should be applied to the skin such as DEET or icaridin; As it repels mosquitoes and ticks because of its pungent smell, it is also taken into account to wear long clothes and use a mosquito net while sleeping.

It is also important to receive a rabies vaccination, keeping away from wild animals and stray animals.

Diarrhea is one of the most common diseases during travel, and to avoid infection, you should not eat uncooked or unpeeled foods, and it is better to drink water from riveted bottles or boil tap water, while abandoning the use of ice cubes, in addition to the need to wash hands well with soap and water and frequent.

Travel pharmacy:

Jelinek noted the importance of taking a pharmacy during travel that includes medicines to treat common health ailments such as nausea, fever, diarrhea and pain, and an ointment for wounds. As for the vital medicines and medicines that are dispensed with a doctor’s prescription, it should be taken with an excess of about a third, in order to be safe in the event of any emergency circumstances.

The travel pharmacy should also contain some important tools such as a thermometer, scissors, tweezers, sterilization spray, medical patches, and of course medical masks.

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