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$6000 for the most expensive burger in history
Nabataeans –
Dutch restaurant owner Robert Jan de Veen created the most expensive burger in history, at a price of about six thousand dollars, explaining that he was inspired by the poor and needy people, he said.

Innovation came as a real challenge, as the New York Post reported. “I was feeling so bad seeing the suffering of people and the miserable state of the restaurant sector that I decided to create the most expensive burgers ever and donate all the proceeds to charity with the aim of serving the community,” De Vin said.

Robert Willems, Chairman of the Board of the Royal Dutch Food and Drink Association, purchased De Vin’s creation for $5,964. Commenting on the experience of eating the precious meal, he said, “The ingredients complement each other perfectly and the flavors are subtle.”
De Vin’s unique way of raising money for charities prompted an eternal desire to be the record holder. And he feels that he will definitely be the owner of the achievement that is awaiting approval by the official records committee, knowing that the current Guinness World Record holder for the most expensive burger in the world is worth $4,971 and belongs to a restaurant in Oregon, which won the title in 2011.

De Vin chose a range of premium ingredients to make the burger, including Japanese wagyu beef, beluga caviar and Alaskan king crab, and took nearly nine hours to make The Golden Boy burger.

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