5G networks contribute to reducing carbon emissions


Reports by American technology specialists have linked the fifth generation of the Internet to a reduction in carbon emissions by up to twenty percent.

In an article published on the Axios website, Qualcomm Technology confirmed that the high speed associated with this network will positively affect the reduction of carbon emissions, and better control of electric power.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Kunal Anand, CEO of Impreva Technology, said: “What the fifth generation of the Internet will add is to provide better connectivity, and therefore less energy use, which would reduce carbon emissions, but to achieve There will be a wider spread of electronic chips and devices associated with the fifth generation, and we may see the sixth and seventh generation later in the coming period.”

The report stressed that the technological means associated with the fifth generation network would also contribute to improving agricultural yields by rationalizing water consumption, as eighty percent of water consumption in the United States is allocated to the agricultural sector.

The phone between a transparent screen or no screen!

But there are those who doubted the ability of the fifth generation networks for the Internet to achieve all these benefits, as “Nehal Krishan”, a journalist specializing in technology affairs, explained to the “Washington Examiner” magazine, during an interview with Sky News Arabia, that every time there is distinguished progress in terms of Technology, whether it is related to the fifth generation of the Internet or water distribution, will be associated with a reduction in carbon emissions, but this comes from efficiency in performance and is not linked to the fifth generation of the Internet.

Future expectations also indicated that the cars that will be connected to the fifth generation network of the Internet may help reduce traffic congestion.

There is no doubt that technological progress facilitates and improves life, but the fifth generation of the Internet, which is widely marketed by telecommunications companies in the United States, seems to open a door to alleviating and limiting environmental problems.


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