575,000 referrals to mental health clinics in the Kingdom in 2020


575,962 people, including 25,241 inpatients, benefited from the mental health departments of the Ministry of Health according to the disease groups of the International Classification of Diseases “ICD-10” during the year 2020.hesitant and new

A statistical report – obtained by “Al-Youm” – showed that the number of visitors reached “550.721” during one year, including “492,261” reluctant patients, and “58,460” new patients, while the number of inpatients was “25,241”, of whom “17,683”. reluctant patients, and 7,553 new patients. Schizophrenia and disorders

The report indicated that the number of cases registered with organic disorders amounted to “16,219” patients, and cases of schizophrenia and schizotypal disorders were recorded with “161,750” patients, then neurotic and stress-related associations with “92,876” patients, as well as cases resulting from the use of psychoactive substances with “51,881.” patients, and cases of disorders in the personality and behavior of adults with “11,671” patients, then mental retardation with “25,687” patients, then unspecified mental disorders with “11,067” patients, then behavioral syndromes associated with disorders in physiology with “9702” patients, then disorders Behavioral and emotional beginnings in childhood and adolescence with (6,164) patients, and psychological development disorders with (7395) patients.


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