5 steps to lose weight within days with only one ingredient.. know it


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The “grape diet” is one of the diets that were followed in the twentieth century to purify the body from cancerous cells, as well as enable a perfect body, within days. According to LiveStrong.

The American website says that this idea was based on the use of vitamins and compounds in grapes to clean the body and help it lose weight.

The site listed 5 steps that it said can be followed when relying on the “Grape Diet” to lose weight.

The first step
It depends on eating grapes in all meals provided that the amount of what is eaten during the day does not reach a kilogram of grapes so that you do not feel hungry.

The second step
You must eat grapes each time in a different way so that the “grape diet” is diverse, whether by eating its fruits directly or using grape juice or preparing it in a mixture of various fruits.

The third step
Try to drink as much water as possible, whether it is cold water or warm water.

But you should avoid drinking water up to an hour before or after eating grapes, in order to help the body get the nutritional benefits that grapes contain.

The fourth step
You have to prepare to face the feeling of nausea, which is one of the side effects, that appears when following the “grape diet”, but it is most often on the third day.

The site says that feeling sick and headache is not a result of nutritional deficiency as you might think, but rather side effects of the process of cleansing the body of toxins, which occurs during this type of diet.

Fifth step
The “grape diet” should last at least 4 days, a period that can be increased to two weeks as needed.

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