3-year travel ban for visitors to health-restricted countries


Ibrahim El-Khazen / Anatolia

Saudi Arabia announced, on Tuesday, that it will punish its citizens who visited health-restricted countries due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in them, with a 3-year travel ban.

And the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA), quoted an unnamed official source at the Ministry of Interior, as saying that “information was received about citizens traveling to countries to which travel is prohibited in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the spread of a new mutated strain of the virus.”

He stressed that this was a “contravention and frank deception of what was issued by the official authorities.”

He added that this “will expose anyone who is proven to be involved in this to legal accountability and severe penalties upon his return, and will prevent him from traveling outside the Kingdom for a period of 3 years.”

The official source said, “The Ministry of Interior assures all citizens of the continued ban on travel, whether directly or through another country, to the declared countries, and any other countries where the pandemic has not yet been controlled, or the mutated strain of the virus has been proven to spread.”

From time to time, the Kingdom issues decisions regarding travel bans to certain countries due to the outbreak of Corona in them, the latest of which was, according to what was published by (SPA) on July 3 this year, banning travel to Ethiopia, the UAE, and Vietnam.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Health announced, on Tuesday, in a statement, the registration of 10 deaths and 1,379 cases of corona, as well as the recovery of 1021, bringing the total injuries to 520 thousand and 774, including 8 thousand and 189 deaths, and 501 thousand and 449 cases of recovery.

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