3 scenarios, one of which is bitter .. Was the Corona virus here to stay?


Scientists have different opinions about the future of the Corona epidemic. Some expect the virus to remain with us for a long period of time, while others believe that it will turn into a seasonal virus.

Between optimism and sheer fear, scientists have diverged opinions about the future of COVID-19.

The first and most disturbing and frustrating scenario talks about the future survival and intensification of the epidemic.



Scientists have expressed their fears in a report published in the British journal Nature, that death and injury rates will reach very high and frightening levels, which means more mutations of the Corona virus, according to the report.

The second scenario is the transformation of Corona into a seasonal virus such as influenza, and this possibility is the most likely for scientists.

The report suggests this possibility, thanks to the antibodies that are manufactured in the laboratory, which contribute to reducing the strength of Corona.

As for the third and most optimistic scenario for experts, it is the transformation of Corona into a less severe disease, as scientists expected the virus to transform over time from a deadly disease to a normal disease similar to the common cold.

However, the virus is still evolving and its variants are many, which is why experts recommend in the report the need to adhere to permanent prevention and to follow precautionary measures.


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