2020 Summer Olympics… The Masso brothers grab the spotlight at the opening ceremony


Syrian brothers, Alaa and Mohamed Masso, met during an opening ceremony the Olympics Tokyo 2020, today, Friday, After the war separated them, and the political conditions that Syria experienced in recent years.

Muhammad Maso, a triathlete player from the Syrian delegation participating in the Olympics, met with his brother, Alaa Maso, a swimming player in the refugee Olympic team, during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 at the Olympic Stadium..

One of the two brothers represents the refugee team, which includes various nationalities, especially Syrians and Iraqis, while the other participates with the Syrian delegation.

During their meeting on the floor of the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, the two brothers went towards each other, and gathered a hug and a long dialogue, amid the expressions of joy and pleasure on their faces..

The duo had made their way across the sea to reach Germany and join the refugee camps during the period of war in Syria, when they left the country.

The list of players participating in the refugee team included 29 male and female players to participate in the Olympics from different countries, as they were chosen by the Executive Office of the International Olympic Committee..

Naruhito, Emperor of Japan, announced the official opening of the Olympic Games, which will be hosted by the Japanese capital, Tokyo, with the participation of 206 countries from different countries of the world, including Egypt. .

Egypt participates in the Tokyo Olympics with a mission that is the largest in the history of the Egyptian Olympic participation, as the number of players reached 146, with 134 main players divided into 86 male and 48 female players, in addition to 12 reserves, according to the instructions of the International Olympic Committee..

The order for the Egyptian delegation to enter the queue was the presentation of the missions participating in the Olympics in the thirty-first, while the UAE is the first Arab country in the ranking, as it ranked eighth in the general ranking, among the 206 countries participating in the tournament. .

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games witnessed distinguished queues from the participating delegations, including laser shows, fireworks and other distinctive Japanese dances.


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