100 photos .. Umm Kulthum, the planet of the east, the lady of Arab singing and the eternal star


Today, we see a picture of the woman of Arab singing, Umm Kulthum, the planet of the East and the most famous star of Arab music.

Umm Kulthum’s career with singing was very early, she started as a little girl with her father in birthdays and weddings, and in 1922 she moved to Cairo, and formed her first music chart in 1926.

Umm Kulthum

Her starting point was when she got acquainted with the poet Ahmed Ramy and then the composer Mohamed Al-Qasabgy, and in 1928 she released the monologue “If I Forgive and Forget the Asia,” which made her great fame, to participate with her voice in the movie “Awlad Al-Zawat” in 1932, then she joined the Egyptian radio when it was established in 1934 She is the first artist to enter radio.

Umm Kulthum participated in several films and then devoted herself to singing only, and among the most important songs are “You are my life, the ruins, the love of what, A Thousand and One Nights, and patience has limits.” to London for treatment, until her death on February 3, 1975.


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